SUNDE Thin Clients make the healthcare secure with thin computing to help clerks provide the highest quality of medical service. The manual process of paper records can be eliminated through the way. All medical records are stored digitally, safely secured on the server and available only to users who have high privileges to access. 
SUNDE offers an end-to-end, Windows-Based-Terminal computing solution that saves time and money. SUNDE's secure, centrally managed thin clients can be used as point-of-care devices, in back offices, on mobile carts, as wireless handhelds and more……
Particularly, thin clients have no hard drives or floppy drives and all the data is saved on the server so information cannot be stolen or lost. Unwanted applications cannot be saved on the device. Thin clients are also virtually immune from viruses.

SUNDE L-series Remote Management software enables healthcare enterprises to run applications on mainframes, operating systems from any desktop running Windows.
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