Green Computing For Everyone

Business people are always on the move. Wherever they are; from hotel lobbies to convention centers. They need fast and reliable access to a computer and the Internet. You need enough PC supply to keep your guests happy, especially when demand peaks. It is a challenge to do that without overspending. And keeping all of those systems running can seem like a hole in your budget that you keep dumping money into. 
With SUNDE solutions, that's all changed. SUNDE's eco-friendly virtual desktops let you quadruple the number of stations you deploy for the same money. And SUNDE solutions are so reliable, maintenance is minimized. You'll also see your cooling costs come down to earth because SUNDE devices generate a fraction of the heat of a full-blown PC.
Your results will be dramatic

*Cut PC acquisition costs by 75%
*Reduce IT complexity drastically
*Cut electrical consumption by 95%
*Minimize risk of theft
*Increase security from viruses and malware

SUNDE provides greater security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability and lowers costs for hundreds of Enterprises around the globe. Because Zero Client appliances have no hard drives or floppy drives, all data is saved on the server so information cannot be stolen or lost. The Zero Clients need a server to be useful, so theft is minimized. Unwanted applications cannot be saved on the device. Zero Clients are also virtually immune from viruses. 
SUNDE Remote Management software enables businesses to run applications on mainframes, operating systems from any desktop running Windows. 

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