SUNDE provides a quality learning environment for educational institutions with advanced technology tools. Institutes with Zero Client and Thin Client implementations have found that students who have access to a digital learning environment are more energised, motivated and perform better. SUNDE makes learning and teaching enjoyable. It's affordable with simple and smart solutions to get students up to speed on their computer skills, help teachers deliver their curriculums in exciting new ways and provide staff with easy access to centralised information.

This means:

  • More workstations can be connected at lower costs.
  • Less time spent on maintenance.
  • Greater security and student proof, because desktop controls and icons can be locked down.
  • There is no storage and no breakable moving parts.
  • Quick installation and software upgrades.
  • Lower power consumption than PCs and equal cost-savings.

Apply Education Unit of Zero Client Infrastructure

SUNDE provides greater security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lowers costs for hundreds of educational institutions around the globe. Because Zero Clients have no hard drives or floppy drives, all data is saved on the server so information cannot be stolen or lost. The Zero Clients need a server to be useful, thererfore theft is minimised. Unwanted applications cannot be saved on the device. Zero Clients are also virtually immune from viruses.

SUNDE Remote Management software enables educational institutions to run applications on mainframes, operating systems from any desktop running Windows.

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