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Mission Statement

We provide a simple, low cost, reliable PC experience, with a complete Secure Central Management desktop virtualization solutions, targeted at Education, Charities and SMEs.

Energy-efficient computing Solutions
"What we are offering has great merit, after all we got a man onto the moon with less computing power than is in a mobile phone. If redundant capacity exists then there will be those who will want to put it to impractical use with stuff that isn’t really needed.  Our products eliminate that redundant capacity and maintain a better use of your PCs capabilities."

What We Know

Research shows that only 2-10% of a PC's capacity is required for general office work, such as internet browsing, email and word documents, and the average PC uses 150 Watts of electricity.

Our devices allow you to share untapped resources of 1 PC for upto 40 different users making better use of it's capacity, whilst only using between 5 Watts of electricity.

We call our devices Zero Clients, this is because there are no breakable moving parts, there is no CPU, no memory and no hard drive. They are simple, secure, reliable and durable. Our devices make computing affordable with smart, low-maintenence solutions helping you deliver your business effectively and provide your users with easy and secure access to centralised information.

How It Works

SUNDE is a multi user networking access device, which effectively allows upto 40 different users to independently and simultaneously share untapped resources of a single host computer whilst still providing them with a full PC experience. The device is connected to the host computer and information is sent between the two using our NetPoint software, which we provide free of charge. You then plug in your existing screen, mouse and keyboard and you're ready to go.

You have the option of personalising each device for each user, for example you can disable the USB port or block specific websites such as social networking sites. Also you can monitor each devices' activity, perfect for schools to keep an eye on students behaviours.

Having just 1 PC doesn't just cut you hardware costs and energy costs it also cuts your maintenance costs. When the time comes for you to upgrade your system, install new software or upgrade you virus protection, instead of having to painstakingly deal with each individual PC one at a time all you will have to do is maintain the host PC and your work is done. The NetPoint software will recognise any changes you have made to the host PC and will be automatically updated.








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